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Art for life, Woodworking, Design, Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, Metal, Aluminum, Carving

Corporate identities are linked to the aesthetic environment. Customers and employees are always evaluating the environment for cues on how to react to the business or service being offered and whether it is relevant to their aims. These visually based choices are often subconscious and communicated without anyone ever having to say a word. Creating purposeful, influential environments is key.

There is a huge investment in a corporate brand but many miss that their building is one of the most direct expressions of that brand. Most decorate their office, few brand it. The shapes and designs you use in a welcome area may not be appropriate for a conference room. 

No business would ever consider leaving a blank page on their Web site, but how often do you enter a corporate environment and see blank walls? Consider that the environment inspires specific action.  In this vein, crafting an aesthetic identity for productivity, employee retention and well-being is essential. 


Abstract contemporary art, artwork, installations, Wood and metal, wood grain, natural art

Wood is a living medium. Bringing the natural element of wood inside reminds us of our origins and our place in the world. Its simple beauty defies the rush of life and contributes to physical and mental renewal. These Soulful Objects reflect our life’s meaning and create a grounded mood. In the words of John Muir, “Come to the woods, for here is rest.”




hand done art, one of a kind, unique artwork, corporate wall art, alternative to paintings, Soul

Soulful Objects sculpture interrupts indifference for the viewer. Simple elegance bypasses the distraction of our constant, often unproductive thinking and reaches into us to create a pure experience. In those moments we are left with peace, clarity and a sense of what matters.



what are your walls saying about you?

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