Aesthetic Statement

Sean M Gillespie’s award-winning sculptures illuminate the innate beauty of wood. The natural grain and variety of wood provides a dynamic canvas on which to create. Sean's contemporary designs incorporate colored metal, hand carved textures and graphic elements with exotic hardwoods from all over the world. 

Sean’s inspiration is captured from travel, architecture, landscapes and unexpected details of the world around us. He sees everyday life as a composition and simplifies his observations into line, rhythm, shape and movement, which provides a visual vocabulary to create designs while imbuing each sculpture with a unique personality. Each piece is conversational and speaks to the viewer in a distinct way. Being an abstraction, it can highlight new ideas as we ourselves change over time.

“I give wood new purpose as it records the movement of my hands, capturing my aesthetics, values and focus in that moment. In that way, I use my carving tools like a painter uses a brush. Gestures and strokes reveal pattern and form, communicating subtle beliefs and assertions about what I see as relevant.”  - Sean M Gillespie

Wood is a living medium. Trees can live thousands of years and grant us life and comfort. Wood warms a space and creates a specific mood. It brings nature inside our homes and reminds us of our humble origins as part of larger interconnected world.

Objects give our lives permanence and meaning. They elevate and expand the environments in which we work, play and live, improving the quality and experience of daily life. Objects restore us to our given dignity, elegance and beauty.

"Wood reminds us of the natural simplicity that defies the rush of life. Just its presence warms a space and we can stop and be connected." 

                                                        - Sean M Gillespie   


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